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Free sewer mainline camera inspection with every drain call

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On all sewer & underground pipe repairs outside the home

Eworks Drain Experts vs “Upfront Price” Plumbing Companies

Why pay Journeyman Plumber rates for services that do not require a plumber?  Beware of “upfront pricing” on service plumbing and drain cleaning, which can often cost you much more money than an honest industry standard rate.  We don’t do interior plumbing so you will get an unbiased inspection and recommendations if repairs are needed INSIDE your home or business.  This means that choosing Eworks for your drain clearing and underground drain repairs SAVES YOU MONEY!
We provide a FREE sewer mainline camera inspection with EVERY drain service.  That’s right FREE!  We know how devastating it can be to have a sewer backup, causing flooding, and contamination of your home or business.  Our goal is to help eliminate this scenario by providing you with a simple free sewer video inspection of your main sewer line to find problems before they become disasters.  This gives you peace of mind and will help protect your most valuable investment, your home or business.  We also guarantee to clear your main sewer line for only $89* and provide a free sewer camera inspection so you can SEE IT FOR YOURSELF. With our industry leading 5 Year Warranty* on any underground drain or sewer repair, state of the art equipment for drain cleaning and hydro jetting, advanced drain camera inspections, and trenchless sewer repair technology, we have everything you need to get your Drain JOB DONE RIGHT!

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A drain cable is known by several names: drain snake, drain auger, and sewer rooter. It is a flexible, thin steel cable, coiled inside an electric reel or drum . The front of the cable has different heads for grabbing or cutting debris as it twists through the pipe.  The electric drum controls the cable forward and backward to clear even the toughest clogged drains.  Sometimes drain cabling (or drain rootering) with a cable and cutting head, is used to clear a badly clogged drain first, and then follow with a drain camera inspection and hydro jetting with pressurized water to thoroughly clean the inside of a trouble drain or sewer main with long lasting results.

Our mechanical drain snaking process:
An EWorks drainage contractor feeds the electric drain snake into a pipe opening (typically through a clean out, removed p-trap, pulled toilet, floor drain, or plumbing vent) until the obstruction is reached and the clogged drain is cleared.  Drain snaking is a great mechanism for removing severe clogs that go beyond the drain opening, deeper into your drain pipes.  Addressing the clog deep within the pipes results in unclogging your bathtub, shower tub drain, toilet, sink, or sewer main line.

Electric drain snaking is a historically dependable method which has been used in the drain plumbing industry since 1933. It is great for handling a stubborn clogged drain at its source, especially in older, more fragile pipes.

Hiring a professional drain cleaner is recommended over purchasing chemical sewer clog remover solutions, such as Draino and other similar products. These chemicals can damage your pipes and worsen clogs over time.

Using a mechanical drain snake, we cut straight to the source of your clogged drain and remove it without any harsh chemicals. We then re-inspect the line with our video drain inspection cameras to confirm with 100% certainty that the obstructions have been successfully removed. Rest assured that EWorks will get your home or business back in working order with no delay.

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