Drain Camera Inspection



On all sewer & underground pipe repairs outside the home


Free sewer mainline camera inspection with every drain call

(*residential non real estate only)

Eworks Drain Experts vs “Upfront Price” Plumbing Companies

Why pay Journeyman Plumber rates for services that do not require a plumber?  Beware of “upfront pricing” on service plumbing and drain cleaning, which can often cost you much more money than an honest industry standard rate.  We don’t do interior plumbing so you will get an unbiased inspection and recommendations if repairs are needed INSIDE your home or business.  This means that choosing Eworks for your drain clearing and underground drain repairs SAVES YOU MONEY!

You get much more with Eworks!  

We provide a FREE sewer mainline camera inspection with EVERY drain service.  That’s right FREE!  We know how devastating it can be to have a sewer backup, causing flooding, and contamination of your home or business.  Our goal is to help eliminate this scenario by providing you with a simple free sewer video inspection of your main sewer line to find problems before they become disasters.  This gives you peace of mind and will help protect your most valuable investment, your home or business.  We also guarantee to clear your main sewer line for only $89* and provide a free sewer camera inspection so you can SEE IT FOR YOURSELF. With our industry leading 5 Year Warranty* on any underground drain or sewer repair, state of the art equipment for drain cleaning and hydro jetting, advanced drain camera inspections, and trenchless sewer repair technology, we have everything you need to get your Drain JOB DONE RIGHT!


What is a drain camera?

A drain camera, also called a sewer line camera or drainage camera, is a long flexible rod coiled around a reel, with a waterproof digital camera and a light attached to the end. It can fit through small openings and twist through tight turns in pipes with ease.  A drain camera provides real time audio and video footage of the interior of the pipe, to ensure a clogged drain pipe is clear or to pinpoint a problem area for a drain repair.  The camera head also sends out an electronic signal to our state of the art locating equipment, providing precise location and depth of the pipe underground, so we can locate exactly where the problem is and quickly provide an accurate FREE ESTIMATE on sewer repairs.


Our camera inspection process:

We inspect your drain pipes and sewer lines by inserting a drain camera into sink drains, sewer drains, storm and rain drains, and other threaded pipe openings (clean outs).  While the drain camera moves through the line, our skilled technicians will discuss video feedback with you in real-time. The drain camera can pick up detailed footage of the interior of the pipe that would be otherwise inaccessible without digging. This footage may also be recorded for later reference. 

Reasons for drainage camera use include:

  • Routine inspection of sewer lines and drain pipes.
  • Locating and diagnosing pipes in need of sewer line repairs.
  • Locating the source of a clogged drain. 
  • Drain pipe inspection during the hydro jetting process used to clear a clogged drain or clean out plumbing. 
  • Drain pipe inspection before and after hydro jetting or drain cleaning.
A drain camera is an indispensable diagnostic tool that streamlines your drain rootering and drain repairprocess. A drain video inspection allows us to assess your drainage problem immediately and precisely. Whether you need to locate a severe clog, are looking for a sewer line repair, or you just need an inspection, EWorks has a drain camera to get the JOB DONE RIGHT!

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