Drain Cleaning: Bath & Kitchen

Bath & Kitchen Drain Cleaning 

Our journeyman plumbers and certified technicians will provide an accurate diagnosis of the clog or drainage problem quoted with an honest price before any work begins. An upfront and transparent process means no surprises when the invoice arrives! Using the most up-to-date technology and tools, Environmental Works will investigate your plumbing problems with an affordable solution in mind. Our inspection, installation, and repair services seamlessly work together to resolve the issues from start to finish!

Visual Video Camera Inspections are done in real time for real time results! Environmental Works ensures that your drain clogs and blocked pipes get fixed the right way at the right price the first time around. We utilize the most recent technology and tools to conduct video drain inspections in order to identify exactly where the problem is and what to do about it, saving time and money with a precise location of where to get to work. Our trained technicians view the camera feed in real time to provide on the spot diagnoses, fully prepared to take the next steps to unclog the clog. 

EWorks implements environmentally friendly, chemical-free alternatives to drain cleaning that retain the lifespan of your plumbing and home. Harsh cleaners and store bought products will erode pipes and plumbing fixtures over time, resulting in greater repair costs and subsequent problems. Through the use of mechanical means, such as with line inspection cameras, rooter or cable snakes, and drain augers, Environmental Works quickly identifies and resolves the problem, leaving your drains unclogged for good without further damage to vital components! 

Deploying a mechanical plumber’s snake or cable - also called a drain auger - our certified technicians cut straight to the clog by physically dislodging and removing the cause without the use of chemical cleaning agents that harm your home’s hardware or the environment. These tools use motion and vibration to open the pipeways, restoring proper drainage and flow without causing damage to your pipes or plumbing. We then re-inspect the drain or line with our video drain inspection cameras to confirm with 100% certainty that the clog and other obstructions have been successfully removed. Rest assured that EWorks will get your home or business back in working order with no delay.

In addition to damaging your home’s plumbing and pipes, DIY (do-it-yourself) liquid chemical cleaners can exhaust harmful fumes into your living spaces and contain toxins and poisons that pose a serious threat to nearby environmental health. Read more about why using a professional and certified plumber is recommended over purchasing clog remover solutions, such as Draino, Green Gobbler, Bio-Clean, or other similar products.

Environmental Works wants to help you avoid an emergency and recommends several ways you can help prevent future clogging. Proper maintenance of your home’s drains, including bathroom and kitchen sinks, tubs, showers, laundry room, basement, floor, and roof drains , is essential to keeping you and your home happy! In order to prevent future clogs from forming, it is critical to start doing some general upkeep now. A minor investment in a cover for your sink, shower, or bathtub drain, in concert with being cautious of what you rinse down, will go a long way in keeping the repairman away. Preventative maintenance is key to keeping your drains running properly, we recommend a professional cleaning once a year. Let us relieve you of one more worry by automatically sending an annual reminder for your routine drain clean. Stay on top of your sink, shower, tub, or other drain flow is critical to avoiding an emergency!

Early warning signs of a blockage in your kitchen or bathroom drains or pipes include repeated clogs of the same drain or multiple clogged drains simultaneously, slow drainage of water, unpleasant or sulfur-like odors, bubbling noises, increases in your water bill, or decreases in water pressure. 

Blocked drains become clogged from the build-up of water repellant grimes from grease, body oils, skincare and cleaning products, along with physical debris like food, hair, sand and dirt. These clogs require a mechanical process of augering or snaking the line to physically dislodge and remove the blockage causing the drainage problem. As previously mentioned, the use of chemical cleaners is not recommended due to the risks they pose to you and your home’s health. EWorks has the well-trained team and expert equipment to identify and remove the cause of the clog, before re-inspecting and confirming that the problem has been resolved.

Kitchen Sink Drains

With repeated use, kitchen sinks can drain more slowly, eventually becoming clogged as soap, detergent, oil, grease, and fats build up inside and block the pipes. Gradually, this residue builds up, restricting the flow of water through a decreased drain pipe diameter. That is why Environmental Works’ service team of professional plumbers deploy a rotating rooter sink machine - also known as a cable auger or drain snake - to effectively cut through the clogs, removing debris, and restoring full functionality to your kitchen sink drain. 

Bathroom Sink Drains

The build-up of hair, soap, toothpaste and grime in general will inevitably lead to a reduction in your bathroom drain’s rate of flow. Similar to kitchen sink drain clogs, the blockage develops over time, starting with a reduction in drainage before becoming completely clogged and backed up. These blockages can accumulate directly below the drain, in the P-trap, or within the pipes underneath, thus leading to a variety of sources to filter through in order to accurately assess the problem. Therefore, Environmental Works takes the guesswork out of the equation by implementing the use of video camera inspections to expertly identify and mechanically remove the cause for clogging. Rather than liquid or chemical cleaners that can damage your home’s plumbing and pipes, EWorks utilizes mechanical means for clog removal, such as with a sink auger or rotating rooter cable. The job isn’t done right until we re-inspect the drain or pipe line to ensure the clog is gone for good!

Bathroom Tub & Shower Drains

Bathtubs and shower drains undoubtedly take a toll! From soap and scum to pet fur and baby toys, bath drains consume a variety of substances and materials that will prevent proper drainage, slowing or clogging the drain altogether over time. And soaking in murky, bubbly bath water is not high on anybody’s list of sanitary solutions to staying clean. The cause of that backup is not very comforting considering the contents of the pipes below and the grime creating the clog. Just as repeated use of your kitchen or bathroom sink leads to slow outflow and drain clogs, so does your bathtub or shower drain. When the plunger or drain snake from Home Depot doesn’t do the trick, reach out to Environmental Works for an affordable and expedient solution to your home and family’s plumbing problems. Our locally owned, Portland based business is nearby and our team of certified plumbers eager to please. Our professional technicians arrive with all the tools and knowledge they need to get the job done right, right away! 

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