Clogged drains can quickly develop into more complicated issues, putting the health of your home and family or business at risk! Slow sink drain, foul odors, and multiple or repeated drain clogs are indications of a greater problem at hand, which will inevitably lead to flooding, potential pipe replacement, and subsequent damage to surrounding structures or utilities. Environmental Works keeps the health of you, your home, and the environment in mind by utilizing eco-friendly mechanical means of unclogging your drains so as to prevent additional harm to your pipes or plumbing often associated with store bought liquid chemical cleaners.

There are a few causes for why you might have one or more clogged or slow drains. Most drain clogs are caused by the accumulation of grease and grime along the inside of a pipe, most commonly from food waste and other organic matter. The sticky buildup traps hair and other solids to further constrict and reduce the flow of wastewater, eventually becoming completely blocked. Foreign objects accidentally sent down the drain can also cause a clog, as can the growth of protruding roots from nearby trees into the sewer line. From your sluggish bathroom sink, shower, or tub drain to the kitchen clog or unpleasantly aromatic garbage disposal, EWorks has the trustworthy team you need to get the JOB DONE RIGHT!

For sink, shower, bathtub, downspout, stormwater, and most clogged or slow drains, our local licensed technicians will employ a mechanical auger and/or cable drain snake to quickly and effectively clear out the blockage. When a clog is not visible or easily determined, our certified staff will use visual camera inspection technology to pinpoint the cause and location of backup or block, before dislodging and removing it from the pipe. In the case of tougher clogs or blockages caused by tree roots growing into the sewer line, we may use a process known as hydro jetting to resolve the problem. You can find more specific information on our Portland residential and commercial drain cleaning and plumbing services below.

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Let EWorks take care of your unexpected or long-standing clogs with Hydro Jetting. The most effective method for drain cleaning in the industry.

Drain Cleaning: Bath & Kitchen

Drain Cleaning: Bath & Kitchen

From your sluggish sink to your shower, or tub drain EWorks has the trustworthy team you need to get the JOB DONE RIGHT!

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