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It takes years of experience, specific knowledge and nationally recognized professional certifications to be a trusted radon, sewer, or oil tank inspector. Unlike the home inspectors who often perform these inspections for home buyers, Environmental Works’ technicians specialize in radon, sewer and heating oil tanks. You can rest assured we will not recommend unnecessary repairs or overlook critical issues. That’s a JOB DONE RIGHT!



THE WORKS real estate inspection program covers radon testing, sewer inspections and tank locates, scheduled at the same time for just $405.

Every home in the Pacific Northwest should be tested for Radon. The most common practice for testing Radon during a home transaction is through Short-Term Radon testing. RADON TESTING Monitors are placed in the lowest livable level in the home and set for a minimum duration of 48hrs. 
Environmental Works’ radon technicians are certified through AARST-NRPP (American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologist - National Radon Proficiency Program) to abide by required government testing protocols. Our skilled technicians can provide immediate radon test results upon pick-up and on-site estimates. We only use top of the line radon testing technology and materials that are unobtrusive to residents/occupants. 

With the use of state-of-the-art technology Environmental Works can quickly locate and record the state of any sewer pipe from the house to the city main. Our inspection experts can instantly recognize these issues based on set criteria and can pass / fail on the spot. Our honest and accurate reports allow us to have trusted working relationships with local municipalities and are categorized as a City of Portland preferred contractor. With every failed sewer inspection recommendations for repair or replacement will be accompanied free of charge. 

Any home built before 1965 is likely to have used oil heat at one time. If you suspect an oil tank was used we recommend starting your search through state and local records for any pre-existing paperwork on the property ODEQ LUST DATABASE.There are also several indicators around your house that may give clues to the existence of an underground tank TANK LOCATING.If you’re still unsure our experts are here to help. If there’s an underground heating oil tank, we’ll find it! Our Underground Tank Inspection Team uses state-of-the-art scanning technology to discover the location of underground heating oil tanks with complete precision.  

Soil sampling is often requested by a purchaser of a property when an underground oil tank is present and has not been decommissioned and/or certified under the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) Heating Oil Tank (HOT) program. Soil Samples are then taken in an effort to determine whether a tank has released heating oil to the surrounding soil.
As a trusted and licensed ODEQ Heating Oil Tank Contractor with over a decade of experience, we guarantee soil sample lab results within 24-48hrs. If a heating oil tank release is found, Environmental Works team of project managers will help you navigate through the uncertainty with a full-range of decommissioning, cleanup and certification options.  







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